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  • How to Find Your Style?

    How to Find Your Style?

    Every artist arrives at their style differently. It’s something you learn and develop over time. Some develop theirs on purpose. Others, on accident. Some through experimentation of varying mediums and styles. And more commonly, through the inspiration of other artists and their artwork. Or even a combination of all of these. Your style is what…

  • #StoptheSpread


    Hi! Sorry for the lack of posts. These are crazy times indeed. Hope everyone is doing alright and above all taking care of themselves, keeping to any emergency orders in place for your area. You are all in my thoughts and truly the only way to get through this is together, apart. I’ve posted updates…

  • Our Covid-19 Response

    Our Covid-19 Response

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To all our friends around the world, My thoughts are with you and your families during these uncertain times. I truly hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. While I don’t want to crowd your inbox or add to the stress, I do want to let you know how we’re dealing with the impact…

  • Coloring Book Flip Through

    Coloring Book Flip Through

    Flipping through a few pages of the “Young Heart, Old Soul”Coloring Book for Adults⚡My first published coloring book is up now at www.LifeBreedsArt.com!! đź–¤Would love to know what you think! đź–¤

  • February 2019: Update

    So January has come and gone and here we are in February! A few updates for ya: I’ll be out of the country the whole month of February, but I’ll have access to decent wifi (crossing fingers) and will still be working on current design and illustration projects. Orders will continue to be processed and…

  • Growth


    The one true benefit to looking back is to see how much you’ve grown. I didn’t always do portraits or realism. I mostly did graffiti lettering and illustrations. But when I learned to draw people as I observed them, it opened up a new way of seeing and I totally fell in love with it.…