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Shop unique art prints & posters, apparel, accessories, and house ware. Created and curated by San Francisco based artist and designer, Jerisa Macalino.

(D’oh! I’m so terrible at these things!)

Hi, my name is Jerisa! I’m a visual artist, graphic/web designer and web developer based out of San Francisco.

My work is fully and wholly inspired by my upbringing. I was born in Guam and grew up in the Philippines and San Francisco’s Excelsior District. My culture and personal experiences blessed me with a unique perspective that I often take inspiration from and inject into my art. And although art undoubtedly flows through my veins (thanks to my dad), music rules my world (thanks to my mom). This is prevalent in a majority of my work as well.

Life Breeds Art

Right out of college, I used to paint a ton, curate art shows, create music, and design. To help funnel that creative energy, I began a few project brands in 2004 as I searched for my niche. Those brands later became Life Breeds Art™ in 2010, a creative lifestyle brand featuring my original art and designs on everything from prints, apparel, accessories to even house ware.

Life Breeds Art – Creative Studio

Also in 2010, after years of freelancing, I officially launched a small design company called Dela Cruz Design Studio. With God’s good graces (relentless hard work, long days/nights, and craploads of coffee) it steadily grew and I went from freelancer to full time designer and business owner. I was blessed to work with some amazing clients, worked on projects I never imagined I’d ever get to do, learned (and am forever learning) the ups and downs of running a small business. In the process, I was able to develop my career into something I could truly be proud of. I archived Dela Cruz Design Studio towards the end of 2017 so I could focus on providing illustration and design services to a much wider range of projects and on a more creative level. Check it out: Life Breeds Art Creative Studio™!

Every piece in this store was made with a whole lotta love, sincerity, and coffee consumption. I truly hope you find something that inspires you or speaks to you. And with that, I hope you put a little back out into the world.

P.S. Follow my art journey on my brand IG (@lifebreedsart) and my personal IG (@dela_reese).

XOXO – Jerisa

Email: jerisa@lifebreedsart.com
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