Happy 2024!

About three weeks into 2024. How y’all doing??

I’m excited to be writing an update finally. Not because I have anything spectacular going on, I’m just genuinely happy to be here. Globally, the last few years have been heartbreaking and just plain bonkers. But speaking on a personal level (which is all that I can handle right now), no matter how the last year went for you, there’s still lots to be grateful for considering all the stuff we have personally and collectively survived. Pats on the back all around – YAY US!!

With the perceived clean slate that we feel in the new year, many of us feel like it’s a good time to set goals and start anew. To say, “Okay, that will be the day I start (fill in the blank).” Then every day leading up to it, we prepare ourselves mentally by pumping ourselves up, researching the thing we aim to do, or even getting the old habits out of our system (cut to me binging on Cheetos and sleeping late again).

The thought alone of what we can achieve in the new year is pretty exciting. But whether we succeed, lose steam, or decide that maybe it isn’t what we want to do anymore, should not be the defining point of our year. We set a goal, gave it a go, and learned something new along the way. Isn’t that already amazing? Now we know what to do or not to do and then we can try again. So let’s not be so harsh on ourselves this year. The rest of the world does that already, amIright?

Many will also say, “I don’t do resolutions,” “New year, same me,” or “I love where I’m at.” That’s amazing too and I love that for us! But let’s not crap on each other for wanting to do better or try new things. That there takes courage! And for some, these resolutions can also be life-changing and life-saving for them and their families.

Anywho, my first post here for 2024 is a loving reminder that as we continue to work towards our goals, let’s take it easy on ourselves. Let’s give each day our best, even if your best feels like your worst compared to other days. Give yourself (and each other) some grace. And learn to rest, not quit. <3

Oooh, and before I forget! To celebrate the new year and to thank you for supporting my work thus far, I have a New Year’s gift for you 🙂 I’ve added a new category to the shop: Digital Downloads. Digital downloads that are FREE and for PURCHASE will be posted there. Here’s how to get your gift:

In the main menu, go to “Downloads.” Right now you’ll see two free sets: 42 Hand-drawn Doodle Elements and 10 Hand-drawn Borders. These are originally designed by yours truly and what I use in a lot of my own stuff. Get these for free by adding them to your cart and checking out as usual.

Feel free to use these in any of your design projects; websites, templates, graphics, social media stuff, scrapbooking, journaling, etc. Would love to hear what you think and see how you use them so don’t forget to tag @lifebreedsart on Instagram!

Love and Daps,


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