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  • YHOS Coloring Book One Year Release Anniversary

    YHOS Coloring Book One Year Release Anniversary

    Time has really flown by! And by that, I don’t just mean the craziness that is 2020. This past September marked the one year anniversary of the release of “Young Heart, Old Soul” Coloring Book for Adults! This coloring book is so very special to me. Many of us might remember growing up with coloring…

  • Coloring Book Flip Through

    Coloring Book Flip Through

    Flipping through a few pages of the “Young Heart, Old Soul”Coloring Book for Adults⚡My first published coloring book is up now at!! đź–¤Would love to know what you think! đź–¤

  • Final Coloring Book Update (Pre-Orders)

    Look for my final update on coloring book pre-orders today! The email situation has been resolved but if you still haven’t received it for some reason, please hit me up at Added something extra for you, hope you like it!! Thank you thank you thank you! xoxo

  • Coloring Book Pre-Order Update

    For those who pre-ordered the coloring book, this is just a friendly reminder to check your emails for Update #2. If you haven’t received my emails or you have any questions, please hit me up at Thank you again!!