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  • How to Find Your Style?

    How to Find Your Style?

    Every artist arrives at their style differently. It’s something you learn and develop over time. Some develop theirs on purpose. Others, on accident. Some through experimentation of varying mediums and styles. And more commonly, through the inspiration of other artists and their artwork. Or even a combination of all of these. Your style is what…



    Head over to our IG and FB (@lifebreedsart) for our first EVER portrait giveaway!! One lucky person will receive a custom portrait illustration (think the Sketchbook Diary series and the YHOS Coloring Book)! Although the portraits will be created with ink and/or mixed media, the winner will receive it as a high-resolution digital file of…

  • Caring For Your Giclée Art Print

    Caring For Your Giclée Art Print

    When unpackaging your print, be sure to remove all tape. You wouldn’t want it to accidentally stick itself to your print and damage the paper. Handle by the edges and use two hands to support. The oils from you hands can affect the paper, reducing the archival qualities. Fingerprints will leave a sheen on darker…

  • Coloring Book Flip Through

    Coloring Book Flip Through

    Flipping through a few pages of the “Young Heart, Old Soul”Coloring Book for Adults⚡My first published coloring book is up now at!! 🖤Would love to know what you think! 🖤

  • Final Coloring Book Update (Pre-Orders)

    Look for my final update on coloring book pre-orders today! The email situation has been resolved but if you still haven’t received it for some reason, please hit me up at Added something extra for you, hope you like it!! Thank you thank you thank you! xoxo

  • Coloring Book Pre-Order Update

    For those who pre-ordered the coloring book, this is just a friendly reminder to check your emails for Update #2. If you haven’t received my emails or you have any questions, please hit me up at Thank you again!!