Best Sellers of 2018

These were the best sellers of 2018!

Can’t thank ya’ll enough for believing in me! 🖤🖤 It’s been an interesting year for sure. I know a lot of other artists/makers/creatives are going through or have gone through the same thing… constantly refining your craft, finding your style, wanting to do it full time, struggling through doubts of whether what you are doing is the right thing or not, and being at the point of giving up. Trust me you aren’t alone! If you do what you do with sincerity and genuine passion, no matter how frustrating situations might be, you can’t go wrong. Just keep at it because in all reality, you have to be your OWN number one fan! And everything you need to know is out there, you just have to commit to finding and learning it. No matter how long I’ve been at it, I know I still have a lot to learn as an artist and entrepreneur. As a community, let’s learn together and lift each other up. If you’re interested, follow my personal journey (art, biz, travel, the occasional food & fam pics) at my personal IG @dela_reeseor maybe I can open up my Patreon again. Anywho, here’s to a blessed New Year for you all! -xoxo jerisa 🥂🎉 #happynewyear #artlife #lifebreedsart



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