Benefits of Creativity

Now is a great time to UNLOCK your CREATIVITY! 🤯 Tapping into our creativity opens ourselves to the infinite possibilities already inside us. Plus there are several ways it directly benefits your everyday life! Getting creative helps to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, improve problem-solving skills, expand your perspective, process/heal trauma, express yourself, improve visual learning, and more! 🤯 It’s also something that can be done alone or with family and friends.💡A few ways to explore your creativity is through drawing, painting, coloring, designing, dancing, woodwork, sewing, crafting, playing an instrument, singing, rapping, writing (poetry, stories, plays, etc), acting, video editing, photo editing, lettering, photography, decorating, fashion, hair, games, exercise, sculpting and sooo much more! Whether you consider yourself creative or not, drop your expectations and just do it! You’ll be SO glad you did! 🖤 #lifebreedsart #getcreative 🖤